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You want to be a happy healthy human, don’t you? You don’t want to die a slow death of lifestyle related health problems that threaten 90% of people today. Learn how to minimize the threats and become the best human version of yourself.

Human: Instructions for Use is your backdoor to health and happiness.

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The bestselling Slovenian book is now available worldwide! Human: Instructions for Use has received steady readership for over a decade. We are thrilled to offer this beloved classic for health and wellbeing to readers around the world, now in the first ever English edition.


Human: Instructions for Use is on thousands of night-shelves in Slovenia, many a reader’s favorite manual for life, a wellness book in working clothes, or—whenever possible—naked. However, to call Human a wellness manual would be misleading. It is not so much about adding anything to your life. Human is about removing oppression.

The book makes a powerful case for liberating humanness from culture. A walk through your home once you’ve read Human won’t be the same any more. You’ll suddenly see cultural oppression on every step: in your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen…

Human doesn’t stop at pointing out culture’s defects; the book offers a selection of natural alternatives to the ways of modern civilization. Alternatives so simple and logical, you will wonder, how is it possible you’ve never heard about them before!

“This book turns your life upside down and gets your feet on the ground, as nature intended in the first place.”

Tatjana Šeneker


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1 review for Human: Instructions for Use Ebook

  1. Cynthia (verified owner)

    I love this book because it reminds me of how to live in my body. It helps me feel more connected to my natural animal self… the way us humans were designed to live. I try to practice the exercises in the book everyday. They definitely support my overall health, agility, and mental fitness. Go Human! 

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