Warming up for two edible wild plants workshops (16 and 17 March) is in full swing! 🙂

What better way to test the goodies planned for the workshop, but by cooking for friends at home? The warm day was ideal for sunbathing while sorting the abundance of wild plants I picked on the previous day.

I made a sauce from wild leek and beets (which we prefer to call wild “chard”). Sautéed on butter, cooked in milk with a pinch of chosen spices and the sauce was just delicious.

In my very special piquant tahini I combined the paste from roasted sesame (home made tahini), creamed green olives (which I picked in the autumn), bittercress and wild “chives”, with a few black olives for decoration.

The salad received everything else I picked: dandelion, thistles and chickweed leaves. To soften the bitterness and enrich the taste I added sunflower seeds and pumpkinseed oil, supplementing the vinegar with sauerkraut.

Such powerful tastes demanded something simple, bland, to mellow them down. Others suggested pasta, so pasta it was!

If you’re interested in recipes for the listed dishes, and all the tricks that go along, join me this weekend, 16 and 17 March, on two workshops — one on Saturday, one on Sunday, you’re free to choose!