From August 4 to 19, 2012, the emerging eco-community Naravice in Slovenian Istria (close to Koper) will host a two week event to delve into nature, people and relationships, called simply ADVANCE.

Here are a few photos 
from the last year’s event; and a nice little video from a permaculture workshop this winter (unfortunately only in Slovenian).

The event won’t be a ready-made seminar, workshop or camp, all the participants will co-create it together using methods, techniques and games for enhancing group dynamics—while working, cooking, dancing, playing …

We’ll sleep in tents and hammocks, the meals will be vegetarian.

The conditions for participation are:

–       You must apply at least for a week (with this APPLICATION FORM), preferably for both weeks

–       You should participate in the colective process and various events (being aware that this gathering is not a free camp; it is intentional gathering!)

–        You should speak English fairly well.

As opposed to the last year’s event (it took place in July and was called retreat – from city stress and chaos), this year our gathering will be called ADVANCE (into authencity, genuinity, simplicity).

In many eco-communities a common stumbling block is relationships. We’ll dedicate a lot of time and energy to this issue. We’ll work on healthy self-criticism and self-confidence, clear communication, getting to know yourself; we’ll learn how to get involved with the group and retain our own personality and space. We’ll observe feelings and emotions and do our best to resolve conflicts swiftly.

It seems we’ll have quite a few participants from various countries, so the main language of communication will be English.

The specialty of this gathering will be that you’ll be able to savor the amazing spirit of the pioneering eco-community that stems from permaculture, luxurious simplicity, courage, collective intelligence and learning from mistakes. Warm welcome to all who are involved in similar projects and to those who are passionate about community building process.

Community wisdom will be combined with practical permaculture skills—from planning a large system to actually creating parts of it.

We’ll go for swim in the nearby river and maybe in the sea as well. You’ll get a chance to learn how to cook excelent meals in simple conditions.

Financial contribution we ask for is symbolic: 2 €/day for the space and 3-5 €/day for food.

The number of participants is limited to 30.

We’ll probably have a few free spaces for sleeping in some tents or in the teepee. Still, it would be best if you could bring your own tent (or hammock) or at least notify us that you don’t have one.

These are some more things that you’ll get a chance to experience:

– delving into collective intelligence of the group
– experimenting with the methods for enhancing group dynamics
– making drafts for water landscape
– researching various options for simple compost toilets
– building reciprocal roof from local wood for summer kitchen
– developping permaculture gardens and orchard
– researching local landscape and environment
– etc.

It is impossible to list or predict everything that’s going to happen and that we’re going to learn. As always with such events it mostly depends on the energy and contribution of the participants. So don’t forget to bring along cheerfulness, adventurous spirit, authenticity, aesthetic sense, ease and courage.

More info at Nara:,             +386 41 286 444