I’ve never been to Switzerland so far. And what better reason could there be to go there but to visit environmentally aware people who have a community in a beautiful castle by Bodensee  or lake Constance. The castle is called Schloss Glarisegg and 30 people live there.

A castle, an old school building, a gym, a guest house and a few other buildings (including a nice yurt) ensure a lot of space for seminars that are taking place in Schloss Glarisegg in all season, with summer being the busiest part of the year.

Community building method used there is based on the work of Scott Peck. I was familiar with the method and I enjoyed the experience of the circle we had on the first evening.

The second day was full of activities, from running by the lake, taking a swim, driving to Konstanz, dancing Contanct Jam in the evening and ending up with a nice sauna. The meals were very good, too. Sunday brought music improvisations with Rüdiger.

It’s encouraging to see how a community that was established 7 years ago functions today, and I believe there are no obstacles there are only excuses to create something similar everywhere in the world. Why? Because community life is one of the central needs of any human being. It comes with problems, of course, but compared to fragility of individualistic lifestyle in the present world, the problems in a community are a child’s play. 🙂