You can be sure that major massive global delusion was ongoing for decades when a stout child’s voice suddenly sobers people up. At least it seems so…

Yes, I am talking about Greta Thunberg.

If you’re into climate justice and sustainability, you may be thinking: “I’ve been repeating the same bloody words for decades, but nobody listened! Now all the cameras are pointed at Greta as if she had invented the phrase ‘climate justice!’”

Some of you might think this is unfair, but that’s how it is. That’s how the media work: they need heroes and villains, Gretas and Bolsonaros (or vice versa). From the perspective of drawing the attention and selling ads space, you can hardly notice the difference.

The whole world is like the tale The Emperor’s New Clothes…

All the adults in the world can’t pierce through the thick armor of cultural blindness, but when an innocent child blurts out: “But the suit is empty!” everyone starts to pay attention. At least it seems so…

In the original story, the child says “But he isn’t wearing anything at all!” however, in our current reality, the more appropriate image is an empty suit. Or maybe a ship without a captain. Or a self-driving bus with a bug in the software that renders the bus “insane.”

Well, yes, the attention is on the right topics, but at the same time, the attention in itself may not be enough.

The world is in a desperate position. You can be sure of it when serious people start putting hopes of survival of humanity on a child.

The Emperor’s New Clothes tale ends when the child exclaims those faithful words. However, there is not much insight into the aftermath. The mischiefs escaped, alright, but what about the others? Most likely, the king wiggled out of embarrassment and the kid was rewarded with candies.

Today, we’re dealing with far more critical issues. The survival of civilized life on Earth is at stake, not just an emperor’s reputation.

If I were a child and gained all that attention of the adults, I’d turn my back to the “leaders.” There are no leaders today. There is no king, who could make an assertive decision and cut through the crap. Judging by the dummies ascending to “leadership” positions in recent years, the sheer concept of leadership has become ludicrous.

Maybe you’re smart. Maybe you see what’s really going on. If you are, you know how completely powerless you are. All you can do is change the channel, scroll down your screen, or attend protests joining others in stating what you don’t want.

In the meantime, global “leaders” who you’re talking to, are sitting in an engineless buss zooming down-hill. There is “Brrm, Brrm!” on their lips and they’re holding dozens of steering wheels in their hands—unattached to the wheels. Don’t expect much from a lunatic asylum like that.

I wish Greta would exclaim at the UN next week: “Your suits are as empty as your promises. You know you’re not in control. Stop pretending. Enforce accountability on every single powerful person that’s wrecking the planet. If the UN doesn’t hold the power to demand accountability from mighty individuals, then what’s the use of it, anyway?”

I am serious: if the UN can’t exercise any influence on infantile powermongers, then they should close the shop.

Maybe we need an old-fashioned approach, V for Vendetta style. Imagine V popping up, killing all the powerful sociopaths, opening up space for us to reconnect and giving us the courage to actually do something different.

I don’t think global “leaders” in the UN will hear Greta. Ok, they will listen, nod, and (pretend to) agree, but in the end, they can interpret Greta’s words however they want and the business-as-usual will continue. You will wake up next week and go to work, shuffling papers around or producing fidget spinners, while forests are burning, populations growing, species going extinct…

The only chance we have is for everyone around the non-existent king to exclaim “But the suit is empty!” while looking at ourselves in the mirror. We have to strike against our own dumbness first before we strike against anyone else’s.

Are you ready to do that?