How can you choose a different way in life when your society limits you with a thousand musts?

Another way to humanness exists! It is for those who like to venture off the beaten path. That’s the kind of path I invite you to with this blog.

On this new path, you’ll be a better friend to those closest to you, who you want to see healthy and happy. You’ll be able to help your grandmom with her back pain, your dad with his bowel irregularities, your wife with cold feet, your friend with insomnia …

You’ll know yourself and others from a fresh perspective.


Best health insurance

Acquiring the knowledge of genuine humanness is like health insurance, the sooner you start investing the better.

Bring your life in line with genuine humanness to avoid the causes of disease before they even begin. Caring for the foundations of your health is natural and enjoyable. It saves you trouble, time, and money.

Learn to enjoy simple natural habits, declutter your life and many of your problems will disappear.

How to do it? What remains when you declutter your life? How do you align your lifestyle with your basic human constitution? How do you do this with intention?

That’s where the book Human: Instructions for Use and my blog will take you.

The alliance of a lifestyle with the basic human constitution is genuine humanness.


Remove culture and Human is born

My approach to genuine humanness is two-tiered.

One tier looks at our Read, animal anatomy and physiology. How would naked humans behave in the naked nature, stripped of moral norms, adopted habits, social pressures, etc.? How does a human-animal naturally eat, move, sit, communicate, etc.?

The other tier is about cultural stupidities that deform your basic anatomy and physiology. I suggest you do away with these stupidities as much as you possibly can. I argue they are, in most cases, harmful or useless obstructions to wellbeing. Their contribution to the quality of life is disproportionate to their negative effects on health and ecology.

My outlook on society is extracultural–I look at human cultures as if I were from another planet. I scrutinize them carefully including my own adopted habits. I can, therefore, notice blindspots that otherwise go unseen.


How is this blog organized?

Genuine humanness is the overarching theme of this website.

Blog posts come in seven categories:

  1. Human: The book Human: Instructions for Use and themes associated with it.
  2. Sustainability: Ecology, community, permaculture, regeneration and much more.
  3. Society: Insights and reflections on where we’re heading as a society and what are some viable alternatives.
  4. Travel: Barefoot adventures – external and internal.
  5. Meditations: Reflections of the world in my eyes and mind.
  6. Food: Recipes, culinary adventures, wild food, courses.
  7. Poetry: Because a verse is often more powerful than a thesis.

Click above on the name of a category and you can see an example of a blog post from each category.

Different readers follow my roles as a body and health whiz, an environmental activist, adherent of luxurious simplicity, social innovator, thinker, philosopher, barefooter, traveler, nature lover, etc. I consider such diversity essential on my path of genuine humanness.

If a certain blog post doesn’t appeal to you, please check another from a different category. You can also use search to find your topics of interest.

Browsing through my older English posts, you’ll notice they are less polished. I hope that doesn’t put you off. I’m sure some of you will appreciate the opportunity to observe the maturing of my ideas, language, and style.


If you are not sure how to proceed, I suggest the following:

1. Read the book Human: Instructions for Use!

2. Subscribe to the monthly Human Digest to stay in the loop!

3. If you have further questions, search the blog!

4. If you don’t find the answer, contact me!

Enjoy your human experience in this beautiful world!