… if you ever see me meddling with politics.

Last week I spent four days in Strasbourg in EU parliament inviting the Members of the EU Parliament to sign declaration number three supporting World Cleanup 2012.

It was an adventure!

I can’t say I liked what I saw in the parliament. I don’t think anybody who lives in such an environment can make real, responsible decisions pertaining to the real world. I saw how flexible the rules are and how powerful individuals can bend them if they want, and how much power shafting is present among the influential members of the parliament. That’s why World Cleanup 2012 is so important — it will stir up a different kind of energy from the people and hopefully lead to soft transition to more coherent environmentally responsible leadership.


But to get there we need to do a lot of work still.

It goes without saying I insisted to enter the Parliament barefoot. I’ve been farefoot in the parliament in Brussels, why not repeat it in Strasbourg. Gosh did they complicate! After half an hour of discussion we convinced the security personnel to let me in barefoot. I think the main argument was discrimination — it was as if I was something less, inferior, like a beggar or a bum — and thus I didn’t belong into the parliament.  I doubt they would understand deeper personal and environmental reasons.

I enjoyed the security control increasing in the last two days. It was a clear sign that we did well! We almost made it, 32 signatures missing and I am sure we’ll get them by May 16.

I saw Bill Gates! He was 2 meters away from me. So what? He’s just another guy. The only difference between him and you is that he has 10 body guards (fear) and that he has more money than you’ll ever have. He’s even giving it away, so it seems. But very selectively. He didn’t impress me with how and for what he donates. But let’s stay positive — at least he’s donating.

The most impressive thing in Strasbourg was the Notre Dam chatedral.  I couldn’t believe how much work did people invest into building a sacral structure.

Ah! Time’s up! Good night!