On Women’s Day, I dive down into my guts, where my feminine fragility and manly hysteria flutter. Today I am a woman in all my beauty and ugliness!

I snuggle up next to the stove and warm my body, tired of giving birth to eternity. I look in the mirror and say to myself: “You are beautiful, girl!” I stroke my groin to recognize the sacred hollowness within.
I lean over my silent universe and next to the vast softness I find a stone of fury. Fury!!

It’s that uniquely feminine thunder that shrieks and petrifies anyone within its range to stop and really listen. It’s fury built up over a thousand generations, a stone that simply has to be expunged from the soft expanse so they can continue to give birth to eternity. This stone I created from a grain of sand like a seashell.

Harsh pain in my thirteenth rib has been stabbing me like a knife for the past two days. Today it is perfect for the intimate ritual of Eve and Adam inside me.

Now I know why God lied about Adam being the first and making Eve from her rib. He had to plead to him, instilling confidence for all the bitter future battles with all other Adams and Adams. Eve just smiled, because she remembers the birth of eternity better than he does — she knows they were born together.

The stone of fury remembers all the brutal wars, all the mania, the killing, the plundering, the humiliation, the malice… it remembers the shattered promises, the burnt dreams, the walked deserts, the raped innocence.

My thirteenth rib screams, stopping Adam in his step:

“Sober up, dear!” resounds the command.

“Stretch out your arms to embrace the world, take my hand if your arms don’t reach far enough. We’ll embrace it together!

Stop collapsing into yourself, bowing your head down to the manly hysteria, building your grave from millions of pebbles of self-obsession, and succumbing to an inner drive to suppress fragility. You are nothing without me!

You owe me reverence, you simply have to find inspiration in my face to overcome yourself and stop all that self-hate. You can’t destroy yourself without destroying me too.”

Adam opens his arms and says, “I’m nothing without you! Give me your hand, dear. Without that hand, there’s no world out there worth embracing. With my head high, not low, I ask your forgiveness for all those beastly blows and raped innocence.”

Eva’s smile is a silent thank you. She invites me to the pool by the waterfall, looks at the surface, and winks, “We’re beautiful, aren’t we?”