Imagine a farmer and a field and a pile of cow dung.

Got it?

Now imagine the following:

the farmer takes his pitchfork before taking the cow dung to the field and, who knows why, he begins to play with it, throwing the dung into the air. To his utmost amazement more dung falls to the ground than what he had thrown up!

He is mesmerized! A minute later he is so carried away he can’t stop throwing the shit in the air. He’s compelled to keep throwing it!! The more he throws the more shit keeps falling down!

He makes a plan: 10% of the shit will end up on the field, the rest he will keep throwing into the air.

His hopes are that more and more shit is going to fall from down so he’ll be able to harvest more from his (still unfertilized) fields.

But he soon notices there is no consistency in the shit fall. Sometimes there is a lot of shit falling down, sometimes it just keeps disappearing in the blue.

No shit!

The farmer becomes suspicious…

But he already got hooked to the rules of the shit game. He can’t stop! He feels compelled to go on throwing all his shit into the air… He piles up more and more shit: his own, his family’s, his friends’, his cows’, his sheep’s, his chicken’s, his dead relatives’, his earthworms’…

He’s unable to stop…

That’s what global economy is like. The point is that we can’t stop, even though it makes no sense anymore.

98% of all the money on the planet is locked up in speculative schemes (throwing shit in the air) and only 2% is available for REAL economy (the fields that grow food to feeds us). No

Economy, we don’t have it. We have capitalism.