In short, capitalism is a system of radical intermediation.

Capitalism is the heir of Catholicism, wherein it is key that God can not be accessed directly. In religion priest is the mediator between man and God; in capitalism the mediation agent is money. Capitalism is radical intermediation because it demands mediation in absolutely every occasion.

A desirable spiritual state in religion is that without priest nobody can get to God. A desirable material state in capitalism is that without money nobody can get to – anything!

The more the intermediaries, the better capitalism will flourish. Place an intermediary between intermediaries, or even between intermediaries that stand between intermediaries, even if they exist for no real purpose (except for being intermediaries), and capitalism will be thrilled!

Protestantism stood up for liberation of everything spiritual from the reigns of priestly monopoly, similarly many new movements, although they don’t have a common name, are standing up for for liberation of everything material from the reign of money. That is, from everything that is embodied in what money personifies today.

Every human should have the right to directly access everything his or her existence depends upon.

The most insidious coercion in today’s society is the coercion to having.

If you don’t have anything, you don’t exist. If you don’t participate in intermediation, you don’t exist. You are but an thing, an object of intermediation. If you’re not the trader, you are being traded.

Traded means sold. It means measuring your worth in money. You have to be an object of demand to even have any kind of value.

Like a football player, for example, worth a hundred million Euros. Why is he worth that much? Because he is a fabulous intermediary. For every hundred million that he gets, other intermediaries get billions. Whether he wants it or not he is somewhere in between the crowd desiring entertainment and the crowd desiring profit.

The Kryptonite of capitalism is immediacy, directness. Directness in all possible meanings of the word.

Are you interested in healing our societies disease of capitalism? That’s really easy! Just become radically direct. That’s all it takes.