Learning is something you shouldn’t only do when you’re young. If you want to keep your brain youthful, make it learn new motoric skills as long as you live. That’s how you can maintain your neuroplasticity. If  you’re not up for learning anything as complex as skiing, you can play around with exercises such as these:

I was up for the challenge — even as a barefooter! — of the massive paradigm shift! First of all, I have to wear boots to ski and that sucks! To alleviate the problem, I bought special boots, tailored to my feet. They’re awesome. Gret job, Race Stock!

My first runs during my first days were embarrassing. My partner Cynthia teased me when I said a green slope was too steep for me. But I had a plan and all I needed was time …

I watched videos, read a book on skiing and practised …

10 skiing days later, I’ am proud to announce the results of my today’s skiing: In 5 hours, I did 22 runs, 11,000 m (33,000 feet) of altitude difference, skiing almost 60 km.  I feel relaxed at speeds of over 50 km/h and my today’s maximum speed was 61 km/h (my average speed was 25 km/h). According to the app I used, I burned +6000 calories.

I enjoyed going full speed down steep slopes that I struggled with just a few days ago. The human body is truly a wonder of nature!

I’ll keep practising and I hope by the end of the season I’ll ski confidently on diverse terrains. Two weeks of skiing in Colorado in February should make a big difference.