Each turn in life is followed by another turn. Each turn leads you to an unpredictable unfolding of events. You never know what awaits you around the corner.

You walk to corners to meet someone, to wait for a bus, to change direction, to decide where you want to go next. Corners are there to give you a new outlook, a change of vision, an enchanting kiss. They are not places where you settle.

Your settlement is for sleeping and taking shelter, that is your corner-less nest. From there you go out to the enchanting universe of corners.

Today we’ve lost the sense of walking from corner to corner, of greeting unknown people at them, of whistling at young women as they disappear in the park, of meeting friends for cinema.


Today we’re sitting in vehicles, rushing from point A to point B — as straight as possible! Corners have become obstacles, to be removed and crushed, paved over by motorways, railroads, and airports.

There are no corners on an airplane.

Motorways bridge distances between impersonal urban centers, while cutting gorges in the landscape, cutting the neighboring villages apart, cutting the animals from their offspring, cutting the rainwater from the ocean.

Corners connect and combine, intersect and overlap, they make you curious and open-minded, they bring people together.

So you want a meaningful future? You want to save the world?

Forget about this square screens and stand up! Move! Go to a nearby corner and talk to the very first person you meet. Then decide where you want to go next. And talk some more. And more.

If we all did that, we would save the world — I promise!