of the simpleminded
suffocates each revolution
of the Earth
and of the People.

Fallen leaves never die
they are endless
precisely because
they revolve inside out
and back in again.

Eternity lies
not in life.
Eternity is death,
and life, and death …
… ad infinitum.

Readiness to die
is the gist of peace,
truth, magic, evolution
within the meandering
fjord of life.

We’re destined to
cannibalism — as life
lives of life;
anal and oral are
one and the same shit.

Our souls behind
low cloudy grayness
peeking stars and
shyish moon, mocking
both science and art.

Entering Freud
like an endless fjord,
abandoning aims and
reasons — simply to relish
each and every turn.