My refreshed e-presence calls for inner resetting and restructuring. Some changes are easy, others are not…

To celebrate humanness, which this renewed website is all about, let me begin with a haiku:

our eyes closed
unleashing blessed unrest
ideally brown

I wish I could write a captivating poem that would keep many hearts beating over centuries! But I’m not a poet.

I am a fecologist! I’m triggering an inner reset in people with my relentless questioning. That’s a gift worth having!

What do I question? Just about everything our culture takes for granted.

I mostly question the “body-set” dominant in our modern world. Sometimes I venture to “mind-set,” and where I’m ultimately heading is resetting our “soul-set.”

Read the book Human: Instructions for Use to understand what I mean.

And even though my poetry is not to the standard of critics, I will still indulge in it, both as a writer and reader. That’s my way o keeping my heart aligned with the mystery of life.

To reset our humanness and revive its ancient glory, we need to touch all aspects of what we genuinely are.

Humanness reset is humanness regained.