Have you ever had
that fleeting feeling
of knowing
what it’s all about,
but had no words
that could express it?
Have you,
tried to write a poem?
Just for yourself?

It takes one to live,
it takes two to love.
It takes one tongue
to speak,
it takes two ears
to correspond.
It takes a word
to convey the meaning,
it takes a rhyme
to amaze.

Universe is not so big
because matter needed space
to move,
it is so big to allow
the Human spirit
to soar.

I heard a song
about a butterfly.
It interests me less
who wrote it,
for it made me see
who was it
that heard it.

I understood no words,
but the rhymes were amazing.
Something like:
“Whoever sings,
has butterfly’s wings.”
Only more gracefully said.

I sang a song
it was amazing.
About genes and GEN.
About GEN and genes,
About us and me,
about me and us.
About caterpillar’s jaw
and butterfly’s flight.

A wise man said:
“The caterpillar
does all the work,
but the butterfly gets
all the publicity.”

I”ll say no more.
I wrote a poem.
My time is up.
Brunch is served …