I don’t have a dream.
The dream I intuit is bigger than anything I could ever have.
The dream has me.
Embracing this fact gives me a sense of sequence,
an intuition of how things ought to be and develop.
What I get from this is deep certainty
intertwined with detachment.
When a dream calls me, I follow it,
knowing that I’ll figure out the answers to all the initial questions
— retrospectively.
I don’t need to have a formal reason in my head
in order to do something that tickles my intuition
and draws me to action.

This is how you should do it at home...

This is how you should do it at home…

All this comes from life-long learning and raising above experience, to the dimension where wisdom dwells. Wisdom is bigger than me or you or all of us. Wisdom touches each one of us individually through revelation and allows us in when we stop trying to possess it; actually to possess anything! Possessing is lunacy! Wisdom is always free.

Wisdom is the deepest possible discernment, seeing what is reality and what is projected onto reality. Wisdom is not knowledge, nor is seeing or understanding. Let’s say that meal is various dishes on the plate and food is all those dishes in the stomach, digested. Wisdom is still something bigger than this either meal or food or this entire analogy; it is born from the process of flow, from the reality.

This was my big A-HA related to Dragon Dreaming.

Facilitating a few Dragon Dreaming workshops and relying on the wisdom of Dragon Dreaming in the last months was an exhilarating experience. I feel like celebrating fabulous learning experiences for many of us in Slovenia, for our courage, dedication, clarity of vision, positiveness and charm. I learned once that the best teacher is the best student. We are taking this very seriously! That’s why we are learning so fast and why doing big big projects comes natural to us and why we are able to do it with a lot of fun!

If there is such a thing as “dream team”, that’s us. Because it is not about us, it is about the dream. The dream has us!

The dream having us is the most liberating thing that could ever have happened to us! And when I see how other people react to it — with a big twinkle in their eye and the question: “I want to be a part of this dream too! What do I have to do to become a part of it?”

All we can say is: “Get in touch with your own dream and realize that it is just a tiny and separate reflection of the big dream that unites us.”

In exactly a month I am travelling to the Netherlands to co-facilitate Dragon Dreaming workshops with Annette Dölle. I am really looking forward to the workshop, because it springs from the dream and the wisdom and the friendship that is bigger than both of us.

Hearing their inner call and following it with wisdom is the gift that the participants of the workshop are going to get. That’s the most precious gift you can give to anyone. No wonder I am feeling so inspired!

Dragon Dreaming totally rocks! 🙂