Remember what Donald Shimoda said?
You’re here for two reasons:

FUN and joy
LEARNING and growing

But there’s no dilemma in that.
That’s what you seek anyway.

The dilemma is:
how to do this and with whom?

And that’s when the mind steps in.
It lends itself to social programming
and takes you astray
from the right actions
and the right people.

And thus the greatest
enemy comes up:
the fear of acceptance

Because the reality
you create
becomes unpleasant.

By this time you’re so entangled
in mental constructs
that answering the simple question
“Why am I here?”
requires complicated
verbal gymnastics,
philosophical elaboration,
and spiritual rationalization
–either your own
or by others.

But actually
you have only two options:

You can find out what you enjoy,
and what leads you to growth,
and focus on it.

You can enjoy whatever you’re doing,
and learn and grow with every
experience you have.

Heaven is when both are there

You’re finding and focusing,
and you’re surrendering and relaxing.

And finally:
you’re here to get
to the bottom of the question
on your own.
It’s like a movie:
when you know how the movie
is going to end,
it is less of an adventure
to watch it.
If you knew all about your fate
–why you’re here,
where you’re going
and with whom–
your life would be
a program,
while you soul yearns for
a poem.

Your spirit feeds on the unexpected.
Relish it!

That’s why you’re here …