The word “violence”
is misspelled!
A child of power games
between whys,
shouldn’t it rather
be spelled

The highest why in any structure
invariably uses its power,
gained from the position,
to surpress other whys.
Whenever another why
becomes a threat
to the highest why,
it gets crushed down
to compliance.

To challenge authorities
is always dangerous,
particularly to challenge
their why.
You can’t do it
without holding strongly
your own powerful why.

And thus whyolence is born.

To transcend whyolence
you have to penetrate
to the marrow of your why
and their why;
you have to believe
in both of them
you have to believe
in their common Why.

You limit the world
by limiting the Why.

To attain liberation
take the most
powerful why you know of,
but one, you
abhor, reject, envy,
take it and marry it
with your why.

Stay in the marriage for a minute,
a year, a decade, breathe,
until you understand they are
one and the same.
Then comes
peace, and with it
unprecedented power –

The Why of all whys
is one the same.
Do you know what it is?

It is the one and only
One and only …