The birth of change
is in the discomfort,
in reaction to force
to do that difficult thing:
accept what is.
The mightiest change
is the accommodation to reality.

The soul is the mountain
that stands for life, unchangeable,
while body, thoughts, emotions –
fly by like falling stones,
rushing rivers, thundering storms.

So, soul eternal just stands,
an empty receptacle for imitations,
for bodies trying to repeat better.
Repetition never changed anything,
until the observer changed.
Even the best repetition
is you remaining the same.

Availability determines
the reality of action for change.
Not availability of things,
availability of dimensions
of outlooks, and detachment from
how things ought to be.

To go to the bottom of
caterpillar’s transformation
you have to accept that you won’t
be a butterfly forever.
Butterfly’s fluttering flight
is a sacrifice of security
for a fleeting moment of sex.

Butterfly is breaking a pattern
to realize a new pattern …
dancing between closeness and distance,
gluttony and starvation.
Restless quest for bliss leads to
trading one joy for another.

Soulful joy resides in inner peace
when forces of the shattering earthquake,
that take you apart and reshape you,
are seen and received.
The instinct of survival is real
only if you allow it to take you
far beyond repeating a “life” for life.

To be truly alive
you must drop a life,
look into Death’s ghastly eyes,
embrace her,
and for the first time
trust something
you’ve never trusted before:
you’ve got wings back there,
and it’s your time to fly …